Monday, June 17, 2019

Internship Project Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Internship Project - Case Study ExampleThese skills, when ignored, often result in serious management problems and above-board consequences.The internship willing educate employees about their corporate responsibilities and market set-up, while providing them financial assistance. By doing so, Joongangilbo ITEA will prove to be a valuable resource to small crinklees and employees inwardly Korea, because it will act as a publishing consulting agency by providing accommodating solutions to many employees from small enterprises for free.The evaluations will serve to encourage those facilities already in compliance that they argon carrying out in their business practices in a business and ideally gentilityal environment, and will propose instant changes for those facilities that are non complying with the corporate and work ethic values. The study will serve as a model for accounting and secretarial facilities all over Korea, and will point problem areas in business compliance.The Internship program in Joongangilbo ITEA is designed as a connection between the publishing industry, small businesses and its employees within Korea with the ultimate design of improving corporate concepts of leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship and acquiescence. The program is supported by the Department of Labor as an effort to train employees from small businesses.To help facilitate i... The companys betokenquarters are situated in Seoul, the capital city, while five other campuses are in other major destinations. The workshops are generally organized in the head office however special courses can be accommodated upon demand. Details of Work Accomplished/Project ResultsI had an internship with a company called Joongangilbo ITEA. Joongangilbo is one of the most renowned and biggest newspaper publishing companies in Korea and Joongangilbo ITEA is its subsidiary. The company functions as an educational organization as well and provides different types of educational programs t o people who wish to gain fellowship of useful business concepts. Among lots of department, I was assigned to a department that arranges the educational workshops for employees from small and intermediate level companies. This, in turn, provides better prospect for their business sector. Actually, my department was supported by the Department of Labor, and aimed towards educating employees of small and medium enterprises on different themes of leadership, management marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, etc. The Department of Labor pays for the education fee and requital for every participating member of the internship project. As a result, the company achieves a positive end by having a large number of participants and well-estimated costs of education and training session. On the other hand, The Department of Labor limited the number of internship participants to 36 per class. For this reason, the Joongangilbo ITEA makes break-even with 30 participants in the whole project. Consequently, good marketing, financing, and accounting should be thoroughgoing(a) for the company to yield some profits.In order to assemble and train all the

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