Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This I Believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

This I Believe - Essay ExampleThe managers of the organization must(prenominal) cultivate proper understanding of the science of ergonomics. (Placement of proper men at the proper jobs) Efforts for individual perfection will lead to societal prosperity. Ongoing mind and remedial measure are necessary for an organization to remain at the top and win the appreciation. When it is necessary to change, the organizational culture must change in keeping with the requirements of time, but when it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change. For short terms gains, long term vision of the organization must never be sacrificed. Enhance the merits of the culture, without causing damage to the soul of the organization. This I Believe This I put into practice Richard S. Gallagher argues, In an organizational setting, the meaning of culture ex ecstasyds to the core beliefs, behaviors, and actions back its daily business lifeits values are unspoken, but they exert a powerful influen ce on the behavior of those who choose to be deduct of that organization.(4) My organization attaches great importance to ethical and socio-spiritual values that are beneficial for the humankind. The communication received on that misty Monday of the winter stunned us. Yours is one of the 5 organizations shortlisted for the grant. Our Senior Vice-President will visit your Head Office this Friday. He will conduct the final interview and ask you four questions. The duration of the interview is ten minutes and any one nominee from the list of your Managing Committee Members will appear for the interview. Incredible The fate of one time grant of $80,000 will be decided within ten minutes That too on the basis of 4 questions An urgent meeting of the 8 Managing Committee Members is convened the same evening and intervention on the startling communication begins. We work for the cause reformation and rehabilitation of the visually challenged persons, and education for the slum children. We are in this field for the last twain decades. Education to the slum children is free they are also provided books and clothing, mid-day meals, transportation from their residence to school etcetera As for the visually challenged, cottage industry units like manufacturing candle, biscuits etc. have been established and they are given salary as per the government norms. The profits earned are ploughed back to create more profession opportunities for the visually challenged. Not one of the 200 persons doing service on the administrative side, and the teaching staff are compensated monetarily. All of them work on unearned basis, with a mission and not for commission After prolonged discussion, the onus of facing the interview falls to my lot. I begin preparations for the interview with right pricey and study the past history of the organization from the day of its inception when it is managed by just 4 volunteers. I go through the balance sheets, year-wise achievements, the sal ient features of the make structures, etc. I do an extensive study of the problems of the visually challenged, their international significance, role of the United Nations Agencies, statistics relate to important countries, outstanding achievements of some of the visually challenged, the issues related to slum children etc. My level of preparations in those four days is that of a candidate appearing for the highest Civil Service Examination My organization must bewilder this grant How will I face the other Managing Committee Members if we fail to get this grant ..and Friday arrives Sharp at 9.45 a.m. Mr. James Patterson, the Vice-President of Charity Select system arrives with his Secretary. We escort him to the Conference Room of the two-story structure, which is our Head Office. I welcome him with a

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