Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Homeland Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Homeland Security - Essay Example The essay "Homeland Security" talks about the illegal border crossings and human smuggling that are considered as imminent threats to homeland security. Within the context of the United States, the foretold issues are most important because they are interconnected with a global spread of terrorism. The problem of illegal border crossing and human smuggling are interconnected because the illegal immigrants seek the help of the human smugglers to enter the U.S. Zhang, makes clear that â€Å"In recent years human smugglers have focused their efforts on recruiting willing U.S. citizens to provide transportation services in the border area†. Besides, illegal border crossings mainly occur through the Mexican and Canadian borders. Most of the states in U.S. face the problem illegal immigration but the problem in severe in California, New York, and Illinois. The restrictions on immigration imposed by the federal government resulted in large scale illegal border crossings. The Southern border of the U.S. is used by the Mexicans for border crossing. The same route is used for human smuggling from different parts of the world. Illegal border crossings and human smuggling are controlled by powerful gangs for a profitable business. The flow of the illegal immigrants into the US is in terconnected with the phenomena of transnational population relocation. The problems surrounding the illegal alien in the US require a global view and suggest more diverse strategies than the history of immigration Law enforcement.

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