Monday, September 9, 2019

Nursing reading research 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nursing reading research 3 - Essay Example From the article it is difficult to ascertain the consent rate because the survey was conducted in an 11-bed ICU ward and only seven family members have been involved in the study. There is no indication as to whether all the 11 beds were occupied or not, and if it were fully occupied why there remaining four were not included. In addition it is stated that â€Å"recruitment of participants continued until saturation of the initial data occurred† leaving some gap in target sample size. (Bond, et al, 2003). The mortality rate was above 57% (4 out of 7 participant’s relatives died).This data has much relevance with the research outcome, because the data reinforced the seriousness of severe traumatic brain injury and the extreme need to support families of such patients during the patients’ ICU stay†. The data size was seven family members, with dissimilar relationship, of patients with severe traumatic brain injury. Their ages ranged from 41 to 61 years. Since this is a qualitative study the small sample (7 participants) size can provide â€Å"insights about a particular group or patients† and â€Å"can illustrate qualitative findings.† The study was conducted at an eleven-bed neurological ICU in a level I trauma centre. Initial data collection was held in the privacy of a nearby waiting room, and subsequent interviews were conducted either at the hospital or by telephone, at the participant’s convenience. This study was quasi-experimental one aimed to formulate hypothesis for further research and except using inclusion criteria there were no independent variables that have to be controlled, and content analysis was used to identify common themes. Though interview method was the primary instrument of data collection, its variations like personal interview, additional daily interview, telephonic data collection, appropriate follow-up,

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