Friday, October 11, 2019

A Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh is a mysterious painting in which Gogh paints a picture that has energetic colors and expressive. This painting can be described as shadowy but yet still stimulating. It can signify a variety of moods, objects, and atmosphere. Van Gogh portrays a small French town located in the countryside. This town is characterized by rolling mountains, a sky with stars, small village, fields, a large tree, and a church. He uses these details to paint a story full of color and intrigue.He paints the sky purple and dark blue to signify the time of day. He uses orange and yellow for the bright stars or lighting in the sky. The mountains that border the town are colored a dark blue and are masked by a tree, which is colored black. Green is applied for the grass and other various plants and vegetation. He uses a vast array of colors to paint the houses and buildings in the village. For this painting mood and description play a huge part. The evening sky is exposed with light shining t hrough the sky.One person might think that the stars are dashing down to earth, meaning it could be the end of the world. He shows the beauty of the countryside at night. Looking up at the sky the bright, yellowish-white stars twirl and give the effect that the wind is blowing. The wind itself is blowing fast and swift, it could be showing an emotion he was feeling. Right below the sky is the mountains that surround the village. Their presence brings security and harmony to the French village. The mountains provide a shadow and guard from a distance.Being a man of religion Gogh painted a church in the center of the painting which can simply be symbolized as a place for reaching out to God. With the use of its colors, type of texture, and descriptive objects, Van Gogh develops a unique painting that any observer can interpret in any way. It can be an image of finding peace as you can sit down and find the beauty of the landscape. Or it can be seen as a dark sad image; you can simply sit down and find that the location is cold and windy. I find it to be peaceful and perfect.

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