Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Essay on INFORMATION NETWORKS AS ENTERPRISE GLUE Essay on INFORMATION NETWORKS AS ENTERPRISE GLUE Essay on INFORMATION NETWORKS AS ENTERPRISE GLUEToday, many users create their own home networks, which they want to run smoothly. However, beginners may face considerable problems, while developing their networks. In this regard, the development of the network between several PCs or laptops is not the main challenge but the emergence of new devices and software raises the problem of their compatibility but users still want to have all their devices connected and united within one network. Facing the similar problem, I attempted to find out how easy it is to connect different devices at home to create a well-functioning network.I approached the problem from the standpoint of the beginner, who has no experience in networking. My first step was to identify what I actually want from my network. To answer this question I had to determine, which devices I have at my disposal which I would like to connect into my home network. I decided to connect the devices which I had at hand, including my laptop, my tablet and iPhone. In such a way, I have got three devices which I intended to connect together and to get a network running perfectly. At first glance, the task was simple since I had to create the simple wireless network because all the three devices had the option of wireless networking.However, the first problem I faced was the connecting my three devices which all had three different operation systems. Frankly, I do not pay much attention to the operation system I used since I can grow accustom to any of them. This is why, I did not even try to synchronize operation systems of my devices, which I used on the regular basis. This is why I have got three devices with three operation systems. On analyzing the situation, I considered that I may have problems with the compatibility of the three devices which had different operation systems. This is why I decided to refer to internet for assistance looking for a free advisor or any sort of online help which could get fo r free since the problem did not seem too complex for me.At first, I tried to google the information which I wanted to find but results which I obtained did not seem to me quite reliable and credible. This is why I decided to focus on more specialized online resources. My next step was the selection of the website providing the technical support. I did almost randomly, although I skimmed through the list of websites singling out those website which offered their services for free or, at least promised that their services will be free of charge. After that I selected one of the top-rated sites, Tech Support Guy, and clicked on the link to access that website. At first, I have got the generation information about the website from the Techsupportalert team, and after that I finally get the link to the official website of Tech Support Guy. As I entered the website, I looked through it in an attempt to find any information relevant to my problem. There were some FAQs, forums, and other l inks which could potentially give me the answer to my question. However, I decided not to waste my time on surfing the website. Instead, I just typed in â€Å"home network different OS† in the search field. I have got a list of threads, where this issue was discussed by users. At the top of the list, there was the thread â€Å"Creating a network with multiple OS†. So I clicked on the link and entered the thread, where I have got the detailed information on how to create a network connecting multiple operation system. The threat provided the detailed, step by step information how to create the network and make all devices compatible, regardless of the different operation systems used. In such a way, on conducting a relatively brief search, I have found the free tech support website that gave the answer to my question concerning the creation of the home network using devices with different operation systems installed.Thus, today, users will hardly face any difficulties w hile finding the technical support online. At any rate, they can get information they need relatively fast, unless they need really complex solutions to serious problems.

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